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autask is reaching the Spanish and French markets!

Autask provides services and solutions for the automation of management tasks. Autask’s services and solutions allow faster and more efficient management, less mistakes in repetitive tasks, and more objective management decisions. Autask strongly believes in the automation of management tasks for efficiency, and is innovation leader in this area, using the most recent and advanced tools and methods from statistics, artificial intelligence and business analysis.

Autask localized its English site into French and Spanish to make its solutions and services available to a wider audiences. Autask’s site has become multilingual thanks to WPML multilingual plugin, and ICanLocalize professional translators.

Simon Brodbeck from autask stated, that the system works fine and that it is really useful to contact translators directly through the system. “Autask is really happy with the service. It’s working well, it’s well integrated and one doesn’t need to manually copy and paste content to build a multilingual site.”

Translation results were satisfactory for autask, and just some technical words had to be re-edited. Working on an international set-up, offering its solutions and services to clients in the UK, Germany, France and Spain, autask believes that having the site in more languages will make it more user-friendly for visitors and easier to find in search Engines.

We wish autask all the best for its future endeavor!


Simon Brodbeck, from autask