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Cornforth Physio Offers Physiotherapy To a Wider Public

Cornforth Physio is a family practice serving Montreal, Quebec, offering a range of physiotherapy and rehabilitative services. The team at Cornforth Physio are professional, experienced and compassionate, and provide a hands-on approach to their clients’ care; you can find out more about the Cornforth Physio team here.

Kirk Wight was in charge of the development of the new Cornforth Physio website, providing both English and French versions. Also located in Montreal, Kirk builds WordPress websites for fun and a living, often in both French and English. Already a WPML user, Kirk localized his own site (kwight.ca) into French first using ICanLocalize’s translation services, in order to test how WPML and ICanLocalize worked together.

After a positive first experience with ICL, he recommended WPML and ICL to his client. During an interview with our support guru, Kirk stated: “Generally it was impressive how easy it was to get a translator and how well the work was done.” Some review was required to adapt certain French terminology to Quebec, but apart from some minor changes, the work was ready to go live.

Quebec is a vibrant mix of French and English culture; it is important for Kirk to be able to offer clients multilingual websites built with WordPress. The easiest way to meet his clients’ needs is with WPML and ICL. “WPML is the only translation management plugin for WordPress that I recommend to my clients,” he said. “It is the most developed and technically complete option available, capable of handling even troublesome elements such as custom post types and media descriptions,” Kirk added.

Working with WPML keeps getting better and better for this Canadian developer. “Wordpress has no built-in system for managing translations – WPML fills that gap. Since becoming commercial, WPML has matured greatly, the quality has sky-rocketed, and they continue to stay up-to-date with WordPress developments – I love it,” He exclaimed. In WPML, Kirk has found the most practical way to get WordPress websites localized into other languages.

“I’d like to see the user interface simplified, but otherwise the combination of WPML and ICL is the best way of translating and managing your multilingual WordPress website,” he ended.


Kirk Wight

Web Developer