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Neave.com –an online digital playground, now multilingual!

Neave Interactive is a digital playground of interactive tools, toys, apps and art created by Paul Neave. Since 1999, neave.com has been his digital playground: an online home for his ideas, experiments and a place to share his interactive tools and toys.

The website has been online for 13 years and now it’s just gone multilingual so that a wider audience can experience the fun this online playground offers!

Paul Neave found it useful to have Strobe Illusion –one of the games in the site- localized to get familiar with the system. Then he decided to have his whole website localized with us. During a call with one of our support assistants he said: “It’s a good system, I was impressed with the response and quickness.” Paul found it really efficient and quick to apply strings, and he’s happy with how responsive translators were.

Neave.com is a popular site dominated by the English speaking world, but they get users from other countries too, and it’ll get more visitors after localization into Spanish and Portuguese. More people will enjoy Neave experience now!

Besides, Paul’s planning to have it localized to more languages in the future, for example, Chinese Mandarine, French and Japanese.

“I like to make stuff people enjoy,” he said. In his website, visitors can find popular games such as Simon, Tic Tac Toe and Tetris. Users can also dicover new interactive tools and toys: “Planetarium” which is a tool that allows you to explore the stars and planets from your web browser; a game to bounce a bunch of bouncy balls with your mouse — or microphone, called “Bouncy Balls”; a webcam toy; an imagination game; a radioactive board game of rubies vs. Pearls called “Hexxagon”, among others.

Paul loves offering entertainment to his users; we love making clients’ localization experience simple and worthy.


Paul Neave

Game Designer