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Localization: Is reaching 1 in 5 good enough?

So you have spent weeks or months on your project, working hand-in-hand with your marketing team as well as all other departments involved from HR to the Board – not forgetting your Web Developer – to finally give birth to your little gem that is your Website. And today you’ve just read this very interesting – yet puzzling – article stating that statistics* show “only” one out of every five people on earth can speak English to some level of competence.

…And that is when you realize that you had not envisioned English could be the second most commonly spoken language with Mandarin being the most widely spoken in terms of natives, Spanish coming a close third worldwide**.

Let’s then go back to basic Math and count: if your Website is only addressing the English speaking community, your company is effectively targeting 20% of its potential market, isn’t it? Not quite what you were expecting I guess. So what’s next, you will ask?

Well, tackling a larger consumer base comes as an evidence in terms of potential ROI and getting your material professionally localized seems to be the logical next step.

If your company aims to target the top 12 spoken languages** – Mandarin, English, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, French, Bengali, Malay/Indonesian, German, Japanese & Italian – and can’t be hassled to liaise with as so many translation agencies, why not turn to a localization portal that will put you in direct contact with expert linguists in said languages while offering you the latest technologies to easily manage your project.

What is the difference between a Web portal and a traditional agency?” you may ask.

Well, first and foremost, the portal allows you to chat with certified professionals, giving you direct access to their resumes and other clients’ recommendations, thus ensuring YOU decide who you feel is best suited to your very own personal needs. In a few easy steps and no time at all, you will be able to get started, upload your web content, browse the profiles of our localizers and select those best suited for the task. As our system is designed to only have them access the content of your Website –not the code- you can rest assured the architecture of your site won’t be messed up. Then sit back and relax while monitoring the progress of your work.

Now I see you wondering “if it can be as efficient, quick and reliable, what about cost and quality?”.

Quality does come at a cost, but at a really affordable one, as we believe any business, big or small, should be given the same access to quality localization. All our experts are certified professionals working into their native language to ensure excellence. Localization price bracket ranges on average between $0.07 & $0.14, depending on language and field of expertise. In addition, by registering on the portal, you are given free access to our support team who endeavors to answer any queries within 24h.

Now the question that remains is: Will you really pass this opportunity to increase your visibility and ROI?

* World population of 15+ years old according to https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/xx.html
** 2007 statistics based on the World’s Observatory http://frankherles.wordpress.com/2009/06/28/the-100-most-spoken-languages-on-the-world/