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TCS optimising traffic to its website and noticing a positive ROI

T.C.S. Srl (originally Tessuti Cravatte Stampati) was born in 1976 from twenty years experience gained in Tecra sas. The T.C.S. Srl historic site, Via Coloniola 23 in Como, moved to its present location diversifying supply and adding to the production of ties and fabrics, shirts, twins, bags, hats, scarf, handkerchiefs, scarves, swimsuits & boxer.

Today, TCS is appreciated worldwide for its quality products that are always attentive to the creativity and innovation. Gradually completing the process of vertical integration, at present most of the production is done internally or with the support of qualified suppliers, the creation of the design (Graphics / Design division), the different options on paper, the preparation and printing of photographic transparencies for screen printing, printing (digital or traditional) and to packaging.

Web developer Ugo Grandolini in concertation with his client TCS, decided to call upon the services of ICanLocalize to increase the availability of its website from Italian to English, German, French and Chinese. In an interview with our team Ugo said: “I have already noticed an increase in traffic to my client’s website with pages in Chinese, French and German proving to be a hit with customers. The affordability of the prices combined with the responsiveness of professionals, always available and ready to help, providing quality localization in a timely manner, made the collaboration with ICL not only easy but effective, showing already a positive ROI.”

Having discovered ICanLocalize through the WPML plugin, Ugo, native Italian, found appealing that a review service was made available for English and has also been using the interface to have texts in English proofread by a professional who works in his native language – English – and thus ensure that all the information made available online is adequately conveyed and then ready for localization in other languages.

TCS being really satisfied with the services offered by ICL and its localizers has decided to soon further expand the localization of its website in Japanese, Russian and Portuguese.

Lover of fabrics and creative design, watch this space for even more TCS available in your language!

Ugo Grandolini – http://grandolini.com
Web developer for http://tcs.it