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Conco Systems Offering Solutions to New Markets

Conco is a leading provider of condenser cleaning and inspection services to power stations worldwide. Conco’s Total Condenser Performance™ lineup of services allows power plants to deliver electricity to their customers more efficiently and reliably. Conco’s offices are located at various locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Regarding the recent translation of their corporate website, Conco’s Marketing Manager Eric Fayard, told ICanLocalize: “Overall, I’m very impressed with the service and functionality of your system.” Conco’s website was created with Drupal and needed to find the most practical way to localize it into French, German and Spanish. The Drupal module, Translation Management, offered and developed by ICanLocalize was the perfect solution for their needs. “The Drupal module worked great!” Eric stated.

After getting the work, it can be published immediately or withheld in their CMS for review, and then they can incorporate the translations whenever they want. Some work is still being carried out to make sure the versions of the site in the different languages work well. When asked how his experience was with the various translators on his ICanLocalize projects, Eric said that the interaction with the translators was very good and that “each translator did a good job of keeping me informed, asking questions, finding typographical errors on the site and were very pleasant to work with.”

The site will finally be available in four languages pretty soon. “We’ve always liked to have our site fully localized to English, FR, DE and ES. This method that you offer was significantly easier to do than previous methods” said Fayard.

Conco counts with trained personnel available to travel to power plants around the globe. ICanLocalize counts with high-qualified in-house translators to offer top quality at affordable costs.

Both Conco and ICanLocalize have something in common: they work hard to offer clients the best possible service!


Eric Fayard

Marketing Manager

Conco systems