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Langhe.net Available for Italian and English Visitors

The site Langhe.net offers contents related to the region of Langhe –located in the South of Piemonte in Italy. Going from gastronomy through trips to culture, you can find information about wines, food and travel. It’s the place to find out about events in Langhe, about where to eat and drink, what to see, where to sleep as well as culture related stuff.

One of the site’s managers, Enrico, decided to test ICanLocalize to localize Langhe.net from Italian into English. During an interview with us, Enrico stated that he enjoyed the system and that he was happy with how it works. Now part of the site content about this so well-known place in Italy is available in two languages. They had the chance of selecting the translator they considered the most appropriate for this particular project. Enrico said “The English translator is also a very good writer, I liked her style and she adapted the contents pretty well.” Now food and drink lovers who don’t speak Italian but English do have access to the website info, thus to the Language culture, its wine, its food, its places.

Part of the website contents have been translated just about 3 weeks ago and there’s been a slight increase in traffic. About 4% increase is quite a lot for 3 weeks! Enrico believes this number will increase considerably with time.

Langhe.net has been built in WordPress, and the WPML plugin seems to be the best choice for Enrico, who stated: “I love the plugin and I’ve noticed lots of improvements. WPML is very useful.” When asked about general feedback about WPML, he highlighted a general performance improvement. This site manager happy about the integration with graphics and the way it works smoothly with the themes he’s using, such as WooThemes and ThemeForest.

Now English speakers, for whom Italian is a totally foreign language, can visit the site and know about this great city in Italy, famous for its wines, cheeses and truffles, among others. Whether you speak Italian or English Langhe.net is available to you.


Enrico Cassinelli

Project Manager