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Family Business Homer’s Inn working hand-in-hand with ICanLocalize to grow global.

We live in a time where booking your holiday online has become ever so popular. While a large number of holiday makers and goers speak or understand some English, having a localized website in the main languages your clientele is native will show future customers you care. With the low cost & high quality guaranteed by ICanLocalize, localization is now accessible to all businesses, big or small.

Looking through his client list and the nationalities it encompasses, Panos Gkikakis owner of family business Homer’s Inn opted to localize his website into 5 languages: Greek, French, Italian, German and Spanish and choose ICanLocalize as his trusted localization partner to do so. Speaking to one of our collaborators on the phone today, Panos Gkikakis said “I liked that I could interact directly with translators. That way I was able to provide them with more context when needed and answer their queries.

With over 30 languages to choose from, ICanLocalize can help any business with any budget – big or small – reap the rewards of successful localization on their way to go global. Once you have gathered your multilingual team and established a collaboration with our dedicated localizers and that they are well familiar with your business and products or services on offer, at the tip of a click you can time and time again call upon their services to ensure consistent terminology and high-quality localizations.

Following his first localization experience and in an effort to better service is international clientele, Panos declared: “I am planning to add another two languages to our menu for a total of 7 languages, making our offer even more available to our international audience. I am also considering complementing our localization efforts with some brochures.”

ICanLocalize is wishing Homer’s Inn an ever increasing success and is proud to help family businesses grow!

Panos Gkikakis
Homer’s Inn