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Translation Assistant 1.81 beta available

A beta release of Translation Assistant is available for those that wish to try it. This release includes improvements in the editor to make the maximum possible space available for entering translations.

Download Translation Assistant 1.81 beta

(you need to be logged in to your ICanLocalize account for this download link to work)


  • Font size can now be adjusted
  • Suggested translation is only shown if there is a suggestion
  • Suggested translation takes up less space
  • Comments are only shown if there is a comment on a sentence
  • Required text is only shown if there is a requirement for a sentence

We have also added a find feature that will find text in the original and in the translation. The find feature is especially important for large projects and will allow translators to quickly find where the same phrases are used.

Click on CTRL-F to start the find dialog. Enter the text you’re looking for and TA will show all places it appears in. When you click on CTRL-F again, you’ll go back to the last search results.

Here is it in action (staring Bruce, TA’s lead programmer):

This text will be replaced

Teaser – next on TA

We’re continue working on Translation Assistant. The next major new features would be:

  • Full integration with the glossary system
  • Search across all projects (not only local project search)

Let us know how this release is working for you. All improvements are a result from great input we received from translators.