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ICanLocalize lets you hire professional Hebrew to English translators. Our translators will help you translate documents, websites and mobile apps. We use advanced editing tools that allow us to work faster, deliver superior results and charge less.

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Experienced technical translator with over 25 years of intimate experience with the software industry.
UNIX systems, iPhone/Android apps, websites, hardware specs, video games ... you name it.
Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Green Energy ...
Accurate translation and speedy delivery.

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I am a Medical Doctor, have a Master’s degree in Public Health and a Doctorate in Psychiatric Epidemiology with more than 35 years of experience in medical and behavioral sciences, R&D, research management, teaching and consulting at several public and private institutions in the USA, Spain and Israel. I am an experienced translator and scientific editor and have published numerous articles in peer reviewed journals. I translate Hebrew/English/Spanish.

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I was born in Russia, grew up in Israel speaking Russian and Hebrew natively. My professional background is English Literature and I also familiar with a variety of other subjects, including medicine, business, travel and marketing. I have professional translation experience in those fields and I work as a freelance translator for 4 years.

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