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Translators Needed

If you’re an experienced professional translator we invite you to join ICanLocalize.


We only accept translators who can show us their academic degree in translation. We’re sorry, but there are no exceptions.

Translation Languages

Normally, we allow translators to translate to their native language only. In very rare cases, we’ll approve more than one target translation language.

We know that there are many translators who are perfectly bilingual. We still prefer that each translator translates to a single language, in which he/she is native in. This produces better translations, our clients are happier and we all have more work.

Qualification Program

We will also ask translators to go through our internal qualification program. The purpose of this program is to train translators in our tools. Translators who complete this training will know how to use ICanLocalize’s translation tools perfectly, so that when they start doing live projects, all goes smooth.


We pay translators 80% of the total of every translation job (and we keep 20%). You will get your payment using PayPal mass payments, which means that there are no additional fees on your side.

Want to Join?

If you meet these requirements (complete requirements from translators) we invite you to sign up. We review and respond to applications in up to 48 hours.