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I have produced a technical consultation services to many European companies. My background is within professional high-tech as freelance journalist, technical writer and translator.
I have more than 20 years of experience and I have realized thousands of technology and business reports, stories and translations for many mainly Finnish and Swedish companies. My operating languages are Finnish/Swedish, English, French, Spanish and German.

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I have been working as a freelance translator for 15 years now, and have translated everything from mobile phone apps to instruction manuals and websites.

Before I became a translator I worked as a nursing assistant, mailman, shop assistant, office manager and as a personal assistant. This, together with my studies (2½ years at college in the USA and 1 year at University in Sweden) has given me experience in many areas and I believe that this gives me an advantage when I translate.

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Nine years of translation experience (SWE<->ENG). Looking forward to working with you.

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I live in Sweden. Since 2009 I'm working as a translator for a company that manufactures and sells industrial maintenance products. I translate for example technical data sheets, manuals, product programmes and sales training materials. I have a background as a project secretary/administrator.

The most important thing for me is that my clients are satisfied.

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I am a Swedish native freelance translator. I mainly work with translations from English/Danish/Norwegian to Swedish.

Below follows a short introduction of me and my work
I am:

I offer:
*Translations of high quality
*Localization so the text is suitable for Swedish people
*Good communication

I am very proud of:
*My work ethic
*My loyalty

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Mattias A


I'm a Swedish freelance translator who took up translation after obtaining an IoL Diploma in Translation 2000. I translate all forms of technical, medical and IT-related texts, as well as marketing text, transcreation and similar.

Best regards,
Mattias Å

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My name is Zeinab Jasim but dont be fooled by that. Even if I was born in Iraq I have lived all my life in Sweden.
As a freelance translator into my second native language
Swedish, my excellent language skills in my native language
Arabic as well as in English and German, my experience in
translations could help your company achieve its goals. You will be impressed with accurate translations, always on
time, allowing long-lasting relationships to be formed.

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