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Being a native Japanese speaker and having both academic and professional experiences in Japan and the U.S., I am well versed with the two countries’ languages, business and cultures. With over 20 years of combined experiences as an in-house and a freelance translator, I translated a wide scope of subjects that include but are not limited to business, marketing, IT, website, localization, legal, technical, and entertainment. I will review my translation with ios products upon request.

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I am a native Japanese speaker and an English to Japanese translator with over 10 years of experience. My areas of specialization include IT(hardware and software), business, hospitality, science, automobiles, communication and semiconductors. I am able to provide accurate and fluent translations to suit the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of the Japanese market.

I look forward to collaborating with you!

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Dependable English to Japanese translator with 6 years of experience. Specialities are IT-related, business reports, PR & marketing materials and journalism articles.

Having worked as a journalist for a Japanese newspaper and as a PR person for a Japanese national university. MSc in corporate communications and reputation management from the Manchester Business School.

Possesses high skills in writing and editing both English and Japanese.

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"Native Japanese speaker - Translation & Copywriting from English & French into Japanese"
Born & Raised in Japan, Lived in England & Ireland for 8 years & in French speaking area in Switzerland for 15 years... and currently living in my home country, Japan
** Freelance Translator since 2000
** Member of ITIA (Irish Translators' & Interpreters' Association)

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I see the future of the freelance translation business in developing collaboration skills. My work is featured with flexibility without compromise to quality issues.
Translator, translation reviewer and interpreter more than 24 years of experience in translation, 7 years of residence in the United States.
Specialist in Chemical, Medical, and Pharma, and IT, as well as general translation
Patent, agreement, networking and telecom, environment, education, welfare, smart system, subtitle

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I am a UK-based native Japanese translator with several years of experience under my belt. My past projects include but are not limited to business, finance, marketing, pharmaceutical, medical, HR, market research, hardware/software and IT. I also deal with websites, localisation and transcription. As a former editor in book publishing, I am also well qualified for proofreading jobs.

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I have translated for publishers, auto companies, and web-based translation agencies since 2008.

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14 years of experience as a multilingual translator-business consultant for
business between Europe and Japan.
Collaboration as a translator-editor for agencies specialised in translation/transcreation.
Experience of teaching Japanese as a foreign language for elementary, intermediate,
advanced learners including translators and interpreters.
Working fields: wine, agri-foods, marketing, tourism, arts (museum), IT-related.

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I have over 20 years of extensive experience in Translation. The quality of my translations is given by the key points that I am guided by accuracy, conciseness and the application of the appropriate translation method for the document type in hand.

Comprehensive review of source text
Terminology research
Delivered on time
Quality assured
Briefing guidelines respected

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