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Experienced technical translator with over 25 years of intimate experience with the software industry.
UNIX systems, iPhone/Android apps, websites, hardware specs, video games ... you name it.
Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Green Energy ...
Accurate translation and speedy delivery.

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I am a freelance Hebrew translator with more than 40 years of experience in translation from English to Hebrew and from Hebrew to English, specializing in aerospace, IT, business and management, education and immigration documents. I am a native Hebrew speaker. I have lived in the UK for 3 years and I am now living in Canada (since 2003). I am an ATIO Certified Translator (Hebrew to English).

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Shalom from Israel,
I am an experienced English<Hebrew translator, been translating for over 15 years. Accurate translation and meeting delivery date is my moto in work.
I have been translating researches, articles, psychological tests, and did many localization projects.
Beside translation, I also have a masters degree in Special Education.
Thank you for your buisness.

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Ny name is Shlomit Grossman, a retired military operation researcher who finds pleasure in the field of translation, mostly in technical translation. This is of course in time sharing with the duties of a grandmother, correcting the workaholic nature of my previous occupation.

Hope to meet you in work,


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I am a professional freelance English to Hebrew translator with more than 23 years of practical experience. I've been working with dozens of translation agencies, private and business clients.

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I was born in Russia, grew up in Israel speaking Russian and Hebrew natively. My professional background is English Literature and I also familiar with a variety of other subjects, including medicine, business, travel and marketing. I have professional translation experience in those fields and I work as a freelance translator for 4 years.

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