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AdvancedParathyroid.com Reached the Spanish and Russian Market

AdvancedParathyroid.com is the website for the New York Center for Advanced Parathyroid Surgery: the premier center for minimally invasive parathyroid surgery. The Center specializes in an advanced mini-incision surgical technique for removing parathyroid tumors that leads to less scarring, and a shorter operative time. This enables patients to go home the same day as their surgery. By being focused on only one disease condition and one type of surgery, it enables the Center to maintain their superior results while providing personalized care for every patient they treat.

AdvancedParathyroid.com is designed to educate patients about hyperparathyroidism and connect them with the Center. Hyperparathyroidism can only be treated with surgery. Patients frequently seek care from centers of excellence, and seeing the need to reach a wider audience outside of the United States, they decided to localize their site into two different languages. Today, Spanish and Russian-speaking visitors can find their own version of the website.

Lawrence Gordon, Chief Parathyroid Surgeon, said, “We have assembled experienced and dedicated professionals to help ensure a successful outcome for our patents’ surgery.” During an interview with our support manager, Dr. Gordon stated that they found it easy to get the site multilingual through ICanLocalize, that the project was set up very well, and the support was very good.

After experiencing the initial benefits of multiple languages, they are considering adding new languages in the near future. The Spanish and Russian translations have provided them with more site traffic, as well as new patients who would not have known about the clinic hadn’t the website been localized in their native languages.

The ICanLocalize team behind AdvancedParathyroid.com does its best help clients expand their business, allowing them –as in this particular case – to help more and more people globally.


Lawrence Gordon

Chief Parathyroid Surgeon