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MartinEdström is reaching new markets

MartinEdström is a website from a Journalist and photographer. Martin Edström is a young journalist and already award-winning documentary and travel photographer. He has traveled extensively while working on subjects as HIV/AIDS, refugees and environmental protection. Visitors can also order high-quality prints of Martins images. “Customers have been ordering prints for years, and it is time to make it possible for everyone.” You can choose between prints on matte and glossy paper, canvas, aluminium, plexiglass as well as a wide array of framing solutions; or simply print an image as a simple poster and keep it cheap.

Martin expanded to wider markets! To do so, he chose ICanLocalize professional translators. Now his website is available not only in English, language in which the website was originally desigened, but also in Spanish, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), French and Russian. During an interview with our support chief, Martin said that his general impression of ICanLocalize is extremely good.

“The mayor part of all this is that it doesn’t cost anything. And the support is really amazing,” Martin stated. He just had to pay for the translation work, the software, the transferring of the contents to his website, all the support was free and outstanding. ICanLocalize doesn’t make money from clients! Martin Edström is satisfied with the reply to his requests, in 24hs he got an answer and help for everything he needed to be assisted with.

As regards translation, “it shows that the translations were all professionally done,” he explained. Martin kept track from visitors and “there’s lots of new traffic from China, Middle East, among many other countries.”

Considering the high standards as regards support, translations and service in general, he will definitely go on sending new contents for translation whenever he updates his website.

Martin Edström

Journalist and Photographer