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Wordflick IPhone/iPod Game Went Multilingual

Wordflick, designed by Everyday Apps, is a fast-paced and challenging arcade-style word game. Now this game is available not only in English but also in Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch.

The goal of this game is to score points in the allowed time. Points are scored by spelling words from the letters provided. What sets this game apart is the ability to quickly drag and flick the letters into place. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible results.

ICanLocalize took an active role in widening the market of this application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Michael Thomason, the app developer, chose our ‘software localization’ service for the translation of his application into four languages. He told us, during an interview with our support manager, that ‘Translators did really great and always responded to questions’. He explained that our translators also told him about some improvements that could be made to the original text and this was really constructive.

It was so simple! ‘The iphone development platform generated the strings and I sent them for translation’, he said. After the localization of his application, Michael Thomason said that the sales definitely increased. What’s more, he got the positive comments from some native speakers who had access to the game, they told him the translations are simply great.

Different languages were promoted and the outcome was fabulous. We can read in WordFlick website that ‘Wordflick is the most fun you will have with an iPhone word game’ and ICanLocalize is the best choice you will make with a translation service system.

Michael Thomason

Wordflick Developer

Everyday Apps, LLC.