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West Africa Trade Hub Expanding

The West Africa Trade Hub is a USAID-supported project that works with West African businesses and across the competitive environment, including transport, access to finance, ICT and business environment. This website was translated from English into French and Portuguese by ICanLocalize professional translators.

We interviewed Ben Coleman, a communication expert involved, who explained that they’re a development project working regionally in West Africa, so they have to cater to a mainly French and English audience, with some Portuguese speaking countries.

“I’ve been impressed with the responsiveness of the support staff”, he stated. “The translators have been quick and are reasonably accurate.” He likes the fact that clients always have the chance of changing translators in case some issue comes up.

He also expressed his satisfaction as regards Drupal aspects: “I really like the integration with Drupal. This is a big improvement on the last translation process we had – using Joomla 1.0 – and makes it easier to keep the website up to date in multiple languages.”

Since 2003, the West Africa Trade Hub has helped West African companies grow so that they can create the jobs that ultimately lead to real and sustainable reductions in poverty. Since 2007, ICanLocalize has helped small and big businesses go multilingual and has made websites and iPhone applications available into different languages, leading to an increasement in sales and visitors. It has also helped people communicate, among other achievements.

Ben Coleman concluded: “Overall, I’m very pleased with the service iCanLocalize has provided. So thanks very much!”

Ben Coleman

Communications Expert