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Experienced technical translator with over 25 years of intimate experience with the software industry.
UNIX systems, iPhone/Android apps, websites, hardware specs, video games ... you name it.
Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Green Energy ...
Accurate translation and speedy delivery.

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  4. Hebrew proofreading




Your search for right person in English>Hindi Translation Service ends here. Well qualified with more than 20 years experience under various disciplines.
Punctual, Reliable and Economical.

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  2. Hindi proofreading




My Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering can greatly help when dealing with the translation project with IT context. I have been working as a freelance translator for more than 15 years and completed many projects for many famous companies in the IT sector and I also have an opportunity to localize the content for the Thai official product for Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. I am sure that my experience in this technological world is exactly what you need.

  1. English to Thai




I was born in 1963. In 1987 I graduated from the Institute of English Philology at Adeam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, and in 1988 I started my professional career as a teacher and translator of English. Now I work only as a translator/interpreter. In 1993 I became sworn translator. I have cooperated with many Polish and international companies and translation agencies.
In my work, I often rely on help of experts in the given field. High quality of translation is always my priority.

  1. English to Polish




As a Professional Translator with 10+ years of translation & localization experience, with an MSc in Finance, in every field of life, I follow the same principle: always do your best. I strive for perfection: achieving the best possible quality in a timely manner.

Fields of expertise: software & website localization, mobile apps, business software, ERP systems, digital banking solutions, online games, ASO/SEO descriptions, online marketing contents, games, IT, finance and keyword localization

  1. English to Hungarian




I started my translation career in 2007. At the moment, I focus mostly localization projects: apps, games and websites. As I always aim at the best quality, I decided to commence postgraduate studies in the field of Audiovisual Translation, which among others focus on the problem of localization.
Apart from that I specialize in banking (esp. investment funds).

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  2. French to Polish




If you want something well done, ask a professional to perform your translation!

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  2. French to Romanian



Czech Republic

I am professional web developer. I use english everyday for my work and i have experience in working in multicultural and multinational teams. For about one year i was team leader and applications designer for mobile applications development team (iOS, Android). I am translator of games from english into czech language for german company Gameforge Gmbh.

  1. English to Czech




I am a professional English to Arabic translator with more than 12 years of Global experience. I have worked as freelancer translator for many companies World wide(Deluxe, Sfera,SDL,Locstars, Arabize). I have handled many contents of different fields such as: Technical, Subtitling, Medsical, Quality Assurance, Industry, Administration, correspondences, Agriculture, Engineering, Contracts, Technical Sheets, etc.

  1. English to Arabic
  2. Arabic proofreading



Bosnia and Herzegovina

I am qualified (university degree) and experienced (11y) native Serbo-Croat (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian) translator, specializing in IT/localization, but other fields as well.
I have localized numerous software application and websites, with volumes ranging from several dozen strings to several tens of thousands of words.
Besides being translator in IT/localization, I have more than 20 years long experience with computers.

  1. English to Bosnian
  2. English to Croatian
  3. English to Serbian