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I have been working as a freelance translator for 15 years now, and have translated everything from mobile phone apps to instruction manuals and websites.

Before I became a translator I worked as a nursing assistant, mailman, shop assistant, office manager and as a personal assistant. This, together with my studies (2½ years at college in the USA and 1 year at University in Sweden) has given me experience in many areas and I believe that this gives me an advantage when I translate.

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The fastest turnaround!
Over 14 year-experience and working with ICanLocalize since 2009. Please click on my username to check my profile and recommendations.
I wish to be part of your success!

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Please, be aware I normally don't work weekends. Thank you for your understanding.
A translator, proofreader and copy-editor for publishing houses and agencies in and outside Europe with a 10-year experience, I also work with festivals and museums. I have a strong experience in cinema, religions and philosophy, and have translated over the years dozens of applications and Websites on numerous and varied matters.

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I am a Science's teacher in a bilingual high school. I was researcher and university lecturer, then I have been in international meetings, as well as I have read and writen scientific papers in English. I was working in the Physics Department of Jaen University, my research needed several softwares because I was modeling the Climate Change. Besides I have an Environmental Sciences degree and at the beginning of my working life I was researching on pesticides.

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I am a French native speaker, translator freelance since January 2007 (English-Hebrew/French).

I am currently working for several agencies, translating various business, education, healthcare, marketing, financial, legal, IT, tourism, related documents, press releases, catalogs, contracts, etc.

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I live in Berlin (Germany) since 1997, I'm Italian and my work languages are German and English. I translate since 1999 and my fields of specialisation are: software, localization, web, marketing (market survey), IT, communication, App for iPhone, medicine (general), cooking, music, games. I also teach Italian. 2008-2009 I attended an Online University Master in Technical and Scientific Translation from English into Italian (Icon –Pisa-Italy).

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Claudia Gumbert


I am a publicly appointed and sworn translator and have been translating for several years in different fields (Economics, IT, Technology, Law, General, etc.). As references, please look at the homepages, or which amongst others I translated. I work for different companies, therefore I have gained special knowledge in IT, Software Solutions, Economics, Finance and other areas. I translate English to German and vice versa.

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'Attention to detail!' is not just a simple statement for me.
Our job is it to transfer not only words, but even the right sense. Thus, we might seem a bit strange to others, because we don't finish work at a strict hour. Our work finishes, when we feel fine about the translation, otherwise we shouldn't get on with this job. I hope, I will have a lot more challenges to rise to.

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I am a french native freelance translator based in Montréal, Canada. I have been on the translation market since 1998. I translate from english to french. I work for different translation agencies from around the world. I do technical, legal and general translation. My work is known to be professional and accurate. My french writing skills are excellent and your french documents will gain in credibily with improved style, superior grammar and exceptional syntax.

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Born and raised as a native Dutch speaker. I graduated as master in translation (English and German) and I do translation work as well as proofreading.

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