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Certified translator and proofreader with 7 years experience and a master's degree, consistently delivering highly accurate work. Comfortable with a variety of translation technology.
Specialized in medical and technical translations.
2,5 years work experience in project management of EU funded projects; monument conservation; marketing and PR.

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I am Full Member of The Association of Indonesian Translator (HPI). I have been in the translation for nearly 10 years in providing highly accurate translating services. With my proven history of providing meticulous and reliable translations to achieve the closest matches in context/meaning along with my time management skills I am ready to extend my record of excellence to you.

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I'm a multi-faceted professional with a passion for bridging language and cultural gaps. As a legal translator, I bring a unique blend of linguistic skills and legal acumen to the table. With experience working in tourism, I have a knack for making complex ideas accessible and engaging. Whether it's translating contracts or crafting compelling content, I'm all about making connections and fostering understanding.




    I am Italian and I do English to Italian translations

    1. English to Italian




    I'm an English native translator with 11 years working experience, I translate from Chinese, German into English for any kind of documents.

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    2. Chinese (Simplified) to English




    TransHome Translation is a translation and localization company with ISO 9001 & 17100 located in the UAE, and Egypt.

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    Loc Camp


    A reputable Egyptian company with ISO certificates and ATA membership offers translation and localization services in various languages at reasonable prices. With inhouse team of 10 years expert & native freelancers, they ensure creative, error-free, and high-quality work for long-term collaboration.

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    I’m an English<>Spanish translator with an Undergraduate degree in Translation. I am a quick learner and adapt well to new systems and software. I have a strong work ethic and am committed to completing tasks on time with precision.I value open communication and constructive feedback, as they contribute to my ongoing professional development and growth as a skilled translator and linguist.




      A perfectionist, 30+ years of vast experience in various areas: business; advanced business marketing; IT; mobile content; computers; health general; crisis/conflict prevention and recovery; conflict resolution; environment; migration; refugees/internally displaced persons; food safety and food security; nutrition; education; child protection; gender issues; law and legal; elections; civil society/rights; human rights; political science; local government; journalism , and so on.

      1. English to Armenian




      English <> Armenian, Italian>Armenian
      Specialized in Legal, Technical, Automotive, Health Care, International NGOs, It, Gaming, Financial fields and not only.
      Some of my past projects:
      Nissan, Lexus, Ford, Caterpillar manuals, technical specifications, Toyota Yaris Cross electric car manual;
      Measures of US 2018, 2020 and 2022, 2024 primary and presidential elections; Administrative plans,

      1. English to Armenian
      2. Armenian proofreading