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I’m Muhammad Ramadan. I have been working professional translator since 2014, and I'm profissional in many translation disciplines, specially Medical, Legal (Contracts), General, Accounting translation. During this period I translated numbers of documents from English to Arabic and vice versa. I’m ready to translate and localize, with high quality and accuracy, various types of documents. I hope if I could help you to expand your business.

  1. English to Arabic
  2. Arabic proofreading




I am a native French freelance translator with a passion for Spanish language and culture. I graduated with a master in Applied Languages in 1995. I have always worked in a Spanish environment in Chile, Spain and France as a translator or as a bilingual assistant. I translate different kind of documents (web pages, technical manuals, business correspondence, etc.) in various areas (tourism, software, internet, etc.). Very conscientious, I provide high-quality work and I respect deadline.

  1. Spanish to French




I got a degree in Modern Languages and Literatures and a Professional Master in "Translation and Cine -TV Adaptation", and a Master Dilpoma in Sectorial Translation (technical, legal-commercial, web, tourism).
So far I translated user's manuals, subtitles, private documents, cooking recipes books, games guides, brochures and touristic guides, entertainment blogs and articles. I'm translating a series of light novels and collaborating with CreativeWordsItalia and Language Burò agencies.

  1. Italian proofreading




English and French into Catalan (caES) and Spanish (esES) localization professional (certified by TILP) and media translator.
Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Interpreting - Universitat Pompeu Fabra (1 y. in Roehampton University)
MA in media translation and localization - METAV UAB
+7 years localizing full-time

  1. English to Catalan
  2. French to Catalan




I have an university degree in Administrative Assistance and Translation.
Also, large experience in text review/ proofreading and content writer.
Currently I work as a freelancer at home, so I have lots of availability which allows me an entirely dedication to each work I have in hands.
I´m a very dedicated person to all my commitments and a hard worker.

  1. English to Portugal Portuguese




I am English - Indonesian translator. My specialization: legal, finance, banking, psychology, health, medical, etc. I have knowledge in CAT tools (such as Wordfast and Trados) and can keep to tight deadlines.

  1. English to Indonesian




Traducteur indépendant depuis 2009, né en France, diplômé d'une licence en lettres bilingues et d'un Master en traduction, je traduis, mais gère également des projets de traduction. Mon volume de mots traduits jusqu'ici avoisine les 4 millions. Mes domaines d'expertise sont : l'informatique (logiciel et matériel), le marketing, le juridique, le technique, les communiqués de presse et les jeux vidéos.

  1. English to French
  2. French proofreading




Being an English language and literature graduate, I have done various translation works. Depending on your request and need, I can translate your work in a formal, less formal, or easy-going natural choice of words. I look forward to working with you.

  1. English to Indonesian




I have BA in Translation (2000) and 23 years of full-time professional translation experience in many fields.

The global end clients I have translated for include: Chevrolet, Microsoft, AMD, Samsung, Canon, LG, Epson, Daikin, Citi Group, Bloomberg, Aviva, Roche, Land Rover, Orica, Gulf Air, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Under Armour, Kubota, among others.

You can visit my profile for references.

  1. English to Turkish




Fast,all-round, thorough, no nine-to-five mentality. Strong in medical translations, construction, literature, cooking and psychology.

  1. English to Dutch
  2. French to Dutch