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I see the future of the freelance translation business in developing collaboration skills. My work is featured with flexibility without compromise to quality issues.
Translator, translation reviewer and interpreter more than 24 years of experience in translation, 7 years of residence in the United States.
Specialist in Chemical, Medical, and Pharma, and IT, as well as general translation
Patent, agreement, networking and telecom, environment, education, welfare, smart system, subtitle

  1. English to Japanese
  2. Japanese proofreading




With my Academic training and a long-term experience in translation I can guarantee you an accurate high-quality translation service from english or spanish into finnish.

  1. English to Finnish
  2. Spanish to Finnish




I am a professional English-Thai translator with over ten years of experience in translating mobile applications, games and business websites. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English and an MBA in Marketing. I lived in the United States for 2 years and over 10 ten years in Europe. I can speak Thai, English and Italian. I have a lot of experience working for international clients and translation agencies. My slogan is fastness and accuracy. Please allow me to work for you.

  1. English to Thai


I started my adventure with languages when I was 16 years old. Learning new vocabulary and translating the texts (mostly about entertainment, photography, news, games or travel) quickly became my favourite thing to do. Right now after 9 years I still feel very passionate about languages and I am constantly improving my skills and learning additionally French, Russian or Spanish. I am hoping that one day I will become a full-time translator with 5 or even more languages in my offer.

  1. English to Polish
  2. Polish proofreading
  3. German to Polish




I have translated for publishers, auto companies, and web-based translation agencies since 2008.

  1. English to Japanese
  2. Spanish to Japanese


Sion Rees Williams

United Kingdom

Translator and editor in Welsh, English and some French since 2006. MA Degree in Celtic Studies with Translation component. LLB. (Hons.) English Business Law Degree. Previous experience as general and commercial linguist.

  1. English proofreading
  2. English to Welsh
  3. Welsh to English
  4. Welsh proofreading




I am a native translation and editor from English to Thai and German to Thai. I have been working on this field almost 30 years.

  1. English to Thai
  2. German to Thai




15 years of experience as a multilingual translator-business consultant for
business between Europe and Japan.
Collaboration as a translator-editor for agencies specialised in translation/transcreation.
Experience of teaching Japanese as a foreign language for elementary, intermediate,
advanced learners including translators and interpreters.
Working fields: wine, agri-foods, marketing, tourism, arts (museum), IT (cloud platform, applications,
cross-border payments, data centres)

  1. French to Japanese
  2. English to Japanese
  3. Spanish to Japanese
  4. Italian to Japanese




20+ years translation experience on a vast array of topics; from simple ads and apps to high-tech computer science/software, business/marketing, healthcare/medicine, industrial (auto/ship/military), (technical) manuals etc. High output

  1. English to Norwegian




After graduating university in Canada, I've been working in the IT industry for more than 20 years. As a translator, I have more than 25 years of experience.

  1. English to Japanese