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I am a freelance Hebrew translator with more than 40 years of experience in translation from English to Hebrew and from Hebrew to English, specializing in aerospace, IT, business and management, education and immigration documents. I am a native Hebrew speaker. I have lived in the UK for 3 years and I am now living in Canada (since 2003). I am an ATIO Certified Translator (Hebrew to English).

  1. English to Hebrew



United Kingdom

I was born in Nottingham in 1982 and lived in Germany, principally in Berlin, from 2004 - 2013. I have a degree in English from Oxford University and a Diploma in translation from the London Institute of Linguists. I work as a translator, freelance writer and editor and am currently training as an interpreter for French and German into English. I can assure you of punctual delivery, high quality, and support through all stages of the translation process, and a few jokes too.

  1. German to English
  2. French to English




I am English and French to Spanish translator with 11 years of experience in general and technical topics. I have deep knowledge of my native language and very good understanding of my pair languages.

I consider myself a responsible and reliable person, my goal is establishing collaborations based on respect, professionalism and mutual support. I always demand myself perfection and I work hard to obtain the best results. I really enjoy 'playing' with the beautiful nuances of the language.

  1. French to Spanish
  2. English to Spanish




Translator with a passion for languages and culture; meticulous editor and proof-reader with 5 years experience in press and magazine journalism; native Pole with near-native command of English; graduate of Applied Social Sciences (University of Warsaw, Poland, Masters degree) and Translation Studies (University of Portsmouth, UK, Masters degree).

  1. English to Polish
  2. Polish proofreading




After a master of International Business and Languages, I've been working in international companies such as Hewlett Packard, International Masters Publishers & Present Time. I have been involved in multi-cultural and translation projects (IT, marketing, culinary articles/recipes...). In 2010, I decided to start working as a freelance translator. I have been involved in several translation projects and I am now specialized in tourism, education, internet websites, apps and games.

  1. English to French
  2. German to French




I obtained the certificate of accreditation in NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) and graduated from the University of Portsmouth with Master of Science. I'm Taiwanese with traditional Chinese as mother tongue, working as engineer and translator for over ten years.

  1. English to Chinese (Traditional)




By translating, we enrich our culture. Let us enrich our culture by choosing the proper translator.

  1. English to Romanian
  2. Italian to Romanian




At Radio Netherlands Worldwide I gained extensive experience as an editor and translator. My work consisted for the most part of translating Dutch language news reports and articles about the Netherlands into English. As a result I have become a hyper-critical reader with a strong feel for both the Dutch and English languages and an extensive knowledge of Dutch society. I am a customer-oriented perfectionist: any translation I do is checked by either a native speaker of Dutch or English.

  1. English to Dutch




I'm a language teacher from Finland. I have MA in Nordic Languages and BA in English. I've taught English and Swedish in Junior High for five years. I currently live in Spain. I have also lived in Sweden for some years. My passions are healthy living, exercising and dancing, music, cultures and languages. I've been translating apps and games since 2012, currently working as a translator in different companies all over the world. I'm efficient and thorough.

  1. English to Finnish
  2. Swedish to Finnish
  3. Finnish proofreading



Viet Nam

I'm a Vietnamese native translator with over 14 years of experience, majored in web/app/game localisation, business/marketing, legal, education, and general technical fields. In addition to proficiency in both English and Vietnamese, I'm always working with strong sense of integrity and responsibility in order to deliver the highest quality possible. Happy to provide you with my reliable translation service with guaranteed quality and on-time turnaround.

  1. English to Vietnamese