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Russian Federation

I am Russian but I live for more than 30 years in Latin America (Cuba, Peru). I´m Ru-Sp-Ru, En-Sp, En-Ru translator.
My areas of expertise include: medical, arts, humanities, social sciences, business, IT, tourism, etc.
M.S._Psychology_Rostov State University_1982_Russia.
Spanish Language School_1984_Havana_Cuba.
M.S._Health Psychology_2000_Havana_Cuba.
Russian and Spanish Teacher.

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I am a freelance linguist working actively since 2006. My fields of expertise include legal, technical, finances and marketing (retail, hospitality, advertising).

I studied a degree in English and, looking for a more practical focus, I did two master courses related to translation. During my abroad stages, I have strengthened language and cultural knowledges..

I participate in summer schools and conferences performed by universities on a regular basis.

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Especialista experimentado con más de 20 años en la traducción ruso-español en las esferas de la ciencia y la técnica. He publicado un Glosario Ruso-Español de la Ciencia y la Técnica y tengo varias traducciones publicadas en Rusia y Cuba.

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