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ICanLocalize lets you hire professional Portuguese proofreaders. Our translators will help you translate documents, websites and mobile apps. We use advanced editing tools that allow us to work faster, deliver superior results and charge less.

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I'm an English to Portuguese professional translator with a Bachelor's degree in Translation at Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil and MBA in Communication and Marketing in Digital Media. which is a plus for providing first class translations for clients who seek to attract consumers for their products and services in the Portuguese speaking market. Esteem for my work quality and resourcefulness and achieve your business goals.

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Sou um tradutor freelance que mora em Barcelona, Espanha. O meu ingles, espanhol e portugues estao num nivel de C2.e fiz muitos traduccoes para ICanLocalize ultimamente. Estudava filologia romana, historia, economia e politica e morava antes no Brasil e Colombia.

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Soy traductora pública e intérprete comercial de Español-Portugués-Español de la Junta Comercial de Rio Grande do Sul (matrícula 246) y traductora freelancer. Soy bilingue plena, graduada en letras Portugués-español y máster en linguística en la UFPEL (Pelotas-Rio Grande do Sul- Brasil). También realizo trabajos de revisión (en portugués y en español) para textos académicos, libros/revistas y páginas web.

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Brazilian with a Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Interpreting. Providing technical translation and localization services in many areas, since 2003. Specially in IT, Engineering, Automotive and Oil & Gas. Over ten years of hard work and great results!

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