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Native Italian speaker, passionate about words and languages, and VAT registered freelance translator in the language pairs EN>IT, ES>IT since 2010.
Fields of expertise: IT, tourism
Collaborations with: Apple, Avago Technologies, BQ (Mundo Reader), Cisco, Dataxu, Dell, Genesys, Manfrotto, Microsoft, Morningstar Italy, Neschen, SumTotal Systems to name a few.
Efficient and keen on providing my clients with an accurate, researched and punctual service.

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Raised in a bilingual environment (Italian & French), languages and translation have always been a passion.
With a university degree in translation in hand, I worked in various fields and countries and that allowed me to specialize in in different areas, such as tourism and travel, hotel industry, education and aeronautics.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any translation/proofreading work in my areas of expertise/interest!

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I got a degree in Modern Languages and Literatures and a Professional Master in "Translation and Cine -TV Adaptation", and a Master Dilpoma in Sectorial Translation (technical, legal-commercial, web, tourism).
So far I translated user's manuals, subtitles, private documents, cooking recipes books, games guides, brochures and touristic guides, entertainment blogs and articles. I'm translating a series of light novels and collaborating with CreativeWordsItalia and Language Burò agencies.

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Master's degree in Translation, currently attending the master's program in Semiotics at the University of Bologna. I lived in Rome, Madrid and Malaga and traveled through Europe, Latin America and United States. Thanks to long periods of time abroad, I have reached a bilingual level in Spanish and a C1 in English and Brazilian Portuguese. Specialized in localization of institutional web pages, tourism applications and fashion e-commerce.

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