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Russian Federation


I translate texts of any complexity from English to Russian. I am competent in many areas, as I have a higher education and an extensive experience in translation. I studied and worked in the USA and Canada for a long time, so English is my second native language. I have a high level of grammatical correctness and linguistic intuition in both languages. I continue improving my skills up to this day. I guarantee a proper quality translation on time.

  1. English to Russian
  2. English to Yiddish
  3. English to Zulu



Sri Lanka

I am a very qualified and competent translator who can translate to and for from English to French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Slovenian & Hebrew. I am affordable and very much value for money. I can translate your work efficiently and accurately.

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  2. English to Yiddish
  3. English to Zulu
  4. English to Tigrinya
  5. English to Uzbek
  6. English proofreading
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  8. Arabic to Russian
  9. Arabic to Yiddish
  10. Arabic to Zulu
  11. Arabic to Tigrinya
  12. Arabic to Uzbek
  13. Arabic to English
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