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Bosnia and Herzegovina

I am qualified (university degree) and experienced (11y) native Serbo-Croat (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian) translator, specializing in IT/localization, but other fields as well.
I have localized numerous software application and websites, with volumes ranging from several dozen strings to several tens of thousands of words.
Besides being translator in IT/localization, I have more than 20 years long experience with computers.

  1. English to Bosnian
  2. English to Croatian
  3. English to Serbian



Serbia and Montenegro

I am a translator/localization specialist with 23 years' experience in translation and 24 years experience in IT. I hold a BA in English, Diploma in PR and Certificate in Social Media Marketing. Over 3 mil words in technical translation in the past few years (Beko, Grunding, LG, Samsung, Nokia, Olympus, Brother, Epson, etc.). Over 100 apps and web pages localized.
English, Spanish, German > Croatian, Serbian

  1. English to Croatian
  2. English to Serbian
  3. German to Croatian
  4. German to Serbian



Serbia and Montenegro

- Able to fluently speak and write English and Serbian to both, Cyrillic and Latin Letter (Native Tongue)
- Accurate human translation of 300 words in 1 hour with localization; familiar with translation Software tools
- A highly personable, positive and sociable economist, benefiting from experience within bank
- Dedicated to correct all typos and misspellings, improve sentence structure and choice of words, ensure proper punctuation

  1. English to Serbian
  2. Serbian proofreading