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ICanLocalize lets you hire professional English to Norwegian translators. Our translators will help you translate documents, websites and mobile apps. We use advanced editing tools that allow us to work faster, deliver superior results and charge less.

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I am born and raised in Norway. Norwegian is my native language. I have worked for the oil industry for many years - work language English. Through ICL, my experience has really increased in the areas of apps, games and website translations.
I work fast, and it is important to me to communicate in a timely fashion with my clients. I am looking forward to assist you with your translation needs.

  1. English to Norwegian
  2. Norwegian proofreading
  3. Danish to Norwegian




Translates, transcribes and localizes from English to Norwegian. Decades of professional experience within many trades, great advantage when translating. Software, games, apps, business, finance, maritime, oil/gas, technical, auto, medical, computer science to mention some... Personal interests in music (house crowded with instruments), nature and crafts. I often cooperate with my husband on translations - doubling the effort, availability and the experience.

  1. English to Norwegian




I am a native Norwegian with over four years of professional translation experience. Living, working, and receiving education in English speaking countries (Belize and USA) during a period of six years has made me a proficient user in English. I strive to provide my clients with accurate, high quality, and timely translations.

I'm looking forward to our cooperation!

  1. English to Norwegian


  1. English to Norwegian
  2. Swedish to Norwegian
  3. Danish to Norwegian




I am a Private Translator for Eduard who can translate from English-French & Zulu.

  1. English to French
  2. English to Zulu
  3. English to Irish
  4. English to Hungarian
  5. English to Norwegian




A competence arisen from more than 5 million words translated, in an array of fields ranging from highly technical medical equipment manuals to children's toy sales listings translations.

  1. Dutch to Norwegian
  2. English to Norwegian