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I'm a full-time Translator, Reviewer and Localization Expert. With over 15 years’ of extensive experience, I'll be very happy to assist you with best of my ability.

> Expertise in IT, Technical, Medical, Marketing domains
> Localized several - Apps, Games, Websites, Software, VoIP products
> Recently I worked on - TalkRay, Persistant app, Solitaire, MyPill, CoCo, SOMA Website, SOMA app store, Balloon, WeVoo, Loopit, Photoray, money-on-mobile, Streaks iPhone App, Coco iOS & Android

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The genius translator, writer dedicated into translations, VO, Subtitling 6+yrs.

Worked into all domains. Includes Medical, ICFs, Technical (ASUS, Paytm, Samsung, True Caller, Facebook, Google, Ola etc) Erotica & Other Literature, Marketing, General, Electrical Manuals, Gadget Manuals, Gaming, Law, Certifications, Mining, Social Media, Press Reports, Astrology, Entertainment, Television & Movies, Animations, Localization etc

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