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After a master of International Business and Languages, I've been working in international companies such as Hewlett Packard, International Masters Publishers & Present Time. I have been involved in multi-cultural and translation projects (IT, marketing, culinary articles/recipes...). In 2010, I decided to start working as a freelance translator. I have been involved in several translation projects and I am now specialized in tourism, education, internet websites, apps and games.

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Hello, I am a French native translator based in the UK.

My services:
Editorial translations from English into French

I work mainly on the following areas:
* Leisure, Travel & Tourism
* Cosmetics / Fashion
* Some technical (home appliances)

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I have worked in the translation industry since passing the Chartered Institute Diploma in Translation in 2007. I worked at a Swansea based translation company for nearly 10 years. I am now working as a freelance translator, revisor and post-editor.

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A passion for languages, a great attention to details, and years of experience.

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Raised in a bilingual environment (Italian & French), languages and translation have always been a passion.
With a university degree in translation in hand, I worked in various fields and countries and that allowed me to specialize in in different areas, such as tourism and travel, hotel industry, education and aeronautics.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any translation/proofreading work in my areas of expertise/interest!

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Traducteur indépendant depuis 2009, né en France, diplômé d'une licence en lettres bilingues et d'un Master en traduction, je traduis, mais gère également des projets de traduction. Mon volume de mots traduits jusqu'ici avoisine les 4 millions. Mes domaines d'expertise sont : l'informatique (logiciel et matériel), le marketing, le juridique, le technique, les communiqués de presse et les jeux vidéos.

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I graduated with a master in Applied languages (Paris IV) and in Translation degree (Rennes2 university)in 2007. I translate from English and Italian into French in various fields (IT, economics, law, business, tourism, cooking and education). I especially enjoy localizing documents. I especially love translating into Italian (my mother was Italian)!!!!! and I love English too....

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I have had a multifaceted career in dance, music, literary journalism (radio, written media), and as literary director/senior editor of a major Quebec publishing house. I speak four languages and have studied several others. I am a writer and a literary and generalist translator. I was awarded several prestigious prizes, among which the Canada-Switzerland literary award and the Governor General of Canada translation prize (twice).

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