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I am highly-qualified English - Russian/Ukrainian/German and vice versa translator. I have more than 8 years experience in this industry and have translated all types of projects (bidding projects, app localization, website localization, official documents, etc), so can help you with any project that you might have.

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Russian Federation

I am Russian but I live for more than 30 years in Latin America (Cuba, Peru). I´m Ru-Sp-Ru, En-Sp, En-Ru translator.
My areas of expertise include: medical, arts, humanities, social sciences, business, IT, tourism, etc.
M.S._Psychology_Rostov State University_1982_Russia.
Spanish Language School_1984_Havana_Cuba.
M.S._Health Psychology_2000_Havana_Cuba.
Russian and Spanish Teacher.

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Russian Federation

Hello! I’m from Russia and I'm a Russian native speaker. Have huge experience as a translator from English and Spanish to Russian. Provide interpretation and translation related to the different projects.

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  2. Spanish to Russian