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I am a Certified, Publicly Appointed and Sworn Translator, Interpreter and Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk. Having passed my State Examination with distinction and disposing of more than 10 years of in-depth experience in a great variety of different areas, I can guarantee fluent and accurate high-quality translations that truly convey both the style and meaning of the source text.

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"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug." Mark Twain
I am a native German speaker and have lived several years in the UK. I obtained a BA in English/Spanish and obtained an MA in Translation (First Class Honours) from Queen's University Belfast. I have been working as a professional translator for various clients, among others the EU, for more than 15 years with extensive experience in various subjects.

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I have earned my translation degree from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in 2006.
My mother tongue is German and my working languages are English and Spanish.

I have worked in the IT and Electronics area as an in-house translator for both SAP and Sony. Currently, I am managing the localization department for an IT company and am therefore familiar with the challenges of localization projects.

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After completing a Master's Degree in Translation (English, French and Spanish <> German), I have been working as a professional translator for 15 years and have acquired large experience in translating a great variety of texts.
I am reliable and fast, with great attention to detail.

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Sou um tradutor freelance que mora em Barcelona, Espanha. O meu ingles, espanhol e portugues estao num nivel de C2.e fiz muitos traduccoes para ICanLocalize ultimamente. Estudava filologia romana, historia, economia e politica e morava antes no Brasil e Colombia.

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-born in Germany in 1975

-graduate translator (English, Spanish, German) from the Univ. of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany. Specialisation: technology (esp. power plants + laser tech) and economy/business

-freelance translator since 2007 for all kinds of customers + companies big and small

-personal fields of expertise: woodworking/carpentry, botany, gardening/agriculture, forestry, events, restoration of vintage cars (mostly VW buses), skydiving, off-road driving (cars, trucks, bikes)

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