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'Attention to detail!' is not just a simple statement for me.
Our job is it to transfer not only words, but even the right sense. Thus, we might seem a bit strange to others, because we don't finish work at a strict hour. Our work finishes, when we feel fine about the translation, otherwise we shouldn't get on with this job. I hope, I will have a lot more challenges to rise to.

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Translator with 15 years of experience in the language combinations Portuguese-German, Italian-German and English-German, specialised in advertising, literature, marketing / market research and tourism & travel -
reliable, accurate, always on schedule and paying as much attention to every detail as necessary.

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I can offer you professional interpretation and translation in the following languages:

English - German, French - German, Italian - German

My experience as a freelance worker guarantees you high-quality, a personal approach, and flexibility.

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School for bilingual - Lycée International in St-Germain-en-Laye (France). Translation studies for 4 Years at the Sorbonne - most renowned University in Paris. Since 2005 living in Germany. 8 years as Project Manager in sales for western Europe. A Year in Wales plus only native Speakers as teachers during school time = very good English. Should you have an English text to be translated into French and German, I would love to work in this linguistic triangle.

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