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Titulaire d'un master en Langues Étrangères Appliquées, j'ai vécu dans différents pays d’Europe. Après avoir travaillé dans le Département Back Office de banques d'investissement, j’ai rejoint une compagnie aérienne. Traductrice chez ICL depuis 2009, on m'a confié des projets et thèmes variés : applications iPhone/iPad, tourisme, jeux, comptabilité, logiciel de salaire, sites Internet divers, etc. Je suis consciencieuse, attentive aux détails et privilégie la qualité à la quantité.

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Pierre Becquart, self-made man born 1956, French native multilingual quality management consultant/translator (FR, NL, ENG, GER), technical experience gathered within large international organizations including ABB and Philips.

ICL qualifications include the following language pairs:
From EN to FR
From DE to FR
From NL to FR

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After a master of International Business and Languages, I've been working in international companies such as Hewlett Packard, International Masters Publishers & Present Time. I have been involved in multi-cultural and translation projects (IT, marketing, culinary articles/recipes...). In 2010, I decided to start working as a freelance translator. I have been involved in several translation projects and I am now specialized in tourism, education, internet websites, apps and games.

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After my germanistic study (option: english)I became first a german teacher, then I earned a master's degree with distinction in translation at the ITI in Strasburg.
Now I'm an an accurate freelancer.

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In recent years, I have been translating specialized documents in several fields thanks in particular to my previous work experience and my interest for foreign languages.

Graduated in translation and interpreting at the University of Malaga (Spain) I am specialized in business translation, tourism translation and technical translation and website localization from English, Spanish and German to French.

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I am a French translator who works with the German language because I have a diplom from Heidelberg and I have lived a few years in Germany. It is always a real pleasure when I translate, it is really the job from my dreams. I hope we can work together for a successful collaboration. Thank you in advance!

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Born from a French father and German mother, I grew up bicultural.
Complete education at the Lycée International de St-Germain-en-Laye close to Paris (Fr & D). Native teachers in English classes.
Applied Foreign Languages Master at the Sorbonne Paris IV University, French/German/Italian.
1 year International Sales in Wales.
8 years International Sales in Germany.
I then came back to what I love - translating.
Best regards,

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