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I am a European Portuguese freelance translator with a degree in Translation, as well as Postgraduate studies in Legal and Economic Translation.

I've been working in translation for more than 15 years in subject fields such as: IT, marketing, literature and poetry, tourism and travel, business, economics, legal, banking, insurance, financial, accounting, mathematics, European affairs, among others.

I translate from English, French and Spanish.

I look forward to co-operating with you!

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Portuguese freelancer translator with 4 years of experience. Strong linguistic abilities in English and Portuguese. Dedicated to continuing professional development. Daily output of 3000 words in the following areas: Law, Economics and Information Technology.

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I'm a native Portuguese freelance translator with over six years' experience. Among others, I have translated books from the bestselling authors Anne Bishop and Charlaine Harris. I've recently worked on the localization of a video game for Pole to Win Europe, in London. I'm currently working with several agencies from all over the world, specializing in Marketing, Video Games, Culture and Tourism.

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I have over 20 years of extensive experience in Translation. The quality of my translations is given by the key points that I am guided by accuracy, conciseness and the application of the appropriate translation method for the document type in hand.

Comprehensive review of source text
Terminology research
Delivered on time
Quality assured
Briefing guidelines respected

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Professional Portuguese translator. Master's degree in Translation from the University of Lisbon. Can translate from English and French.

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MÁRIO ADÉRITO COSTA JÚNIOR nasceu no dia 25 de Abril de 1974 .Após um Curso de Comunicação Interna nas Empresas no Telford College (Edinburgo, 1996) e uma formação como Responsável de Sector de Hipermercados e Centros Comerciais na ECAL (França, 1997), licenciou-se em Tradução e Interpretação Simultânea nas variantes de Francês e Inglês no ISAI (Porto, 1998) e concluiu uma pós-graduação em Marketing no Instituto de Estudos Superiores Financeiros e Fiscais.

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