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Fran Rajewski


French native, I took to travelling discovering countries and people, settling in Poland, England, Ireland, Belgium & now Spain. Bi-lingual English-French, fluent in Spanish, my thirst for knowledge & passion for words saw me interested and specialising in a variety of sectors, to best answer your localisation needs. I love a challenge, am a thorough worker & an astute professional.
Proud President of Palliative Care Not-For-Profit Acompalia

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Titulaire d'un master en Langues Étrangères Appliquées, j'ai vécu dans différents pays d’Europe. Après avoir travaillé dans le Département Back Office de banques d'investissement, j’ai rejoint une compagnie aérienne. Traductrice chez ICL depuis 2009, on m'a confié des projets et thèmes variés : applications iPhone/iPad, tourisme, jeux, comptabilité, logiciel de salaire, sites Internet divers, etc. Je suis consciencieuse, attentive aux détails et privilégie la qualité à la quantité.

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I graduated with a master in Applied Languages (English - Italian) in 2000.
Since then, I always worked in an International environment, first as an import-export assistant and then as a purchaser.
Since 2009, I have been living full time in English-speaking countries (Jersey, Channel Islands - Barbados).
In 2010, I decided to dedicate myself full time to translation, my real passion.
I am very curious. I love looking (and finding!) for information and I have a good general culture.

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Please, be aware I normally don't work weekends. Thank you for your understanding.
A translator, proofreader and copy-editor for publishing houses and agencies in and outside Europe with a 10-year experience, I also work with festivals and museums. I have a strong experience in cinema, religions and philosophy, and have translated over the years dozens of applications and Websites on numerous and varied matters.

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I am a French native speaker, translator freelance since January 2007 (English-Hebrew/French).

I am currently working for several agencies, translating various business, education, healthcare, marketing, financial, legal, IT, tourism, related documents, press releases, catalogs, contracts, etc.

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I am a french native freelance translator based in Montréal, Canada. I have been on the translation market since 1998. I translate from english to french. I work for different translation agencies from around the world. I do technical, legal and general translation. My work is known to be professional and accurate. My french writing skills are excellent and your french documents will gain in credibily with improved style, superior grammar and exceptional syntax.

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Being holder of two Bachelor of Arts in languages, I provided language courses to both youngs and adults, at home, at school and at a training centre. I've started a full-time translator career in 2007 and have since then acquired a considerable experience in various translation fields.

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Professional and reliable linguist with more than 10 years experience in Translation, Reviewing and Localization in specialized fields of work such as Business, Finance, Marketing, Advertising, Tourism & Travel, Social Science, International Development, gaming...

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A French native speaker and a graduate of Specialized Translation at the Denis Diderot University in Paris, France, I translate from English, Spanish, Czech, and Catalan into French. As I have experience working not only for translation agencies but also for media monitoring companies, I am able to translate efficiently both technical documents and editorial contents.

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Pierre Becquart, self-made man born 1956, French native multilingual quality management consultant/translator (FR, NL, ENG, GER), technical experience gathered within large international organizations including ABB and Philips.

ICL qualifications include the following language pairs:
From EN to FR
From DE to FR
From NL to FR

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