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A translator, proofreader and copy-editor for publishing houses, agencies and other direct clients with a 10-year experience, I am specialised in arts and social sciences but have translated over the years dozens of applications and Websites on many different subjects as well as a dozen of books about economics, history and climate. I can translate into Belgian French if required but will otherwise translate into standard French. Please, note that I don't normally work weekends.

  1. Dutch to French
  2. English to French
  3. French proofreading
  4. Spanish to French




Being holder of two Bachelor of Arts in languages, I provided language courses to both youngs and adults, at home, at school and at a training centre. I've started a full-time translator career in 2007 and have since then acquired a considerable experience in various translation fields.

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  2. English to French
  3. Arabic proofreading
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  5. French to Arabic
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Pierre Becquart, self-made man born 1956, French native multilingual quality management consultant/translator (FR, NL, ENG, GER), technical experience gathered within large international organizations including ABB and Philips.

ICL qualifications include the following language pairs:
From EN to FR
From DE to FR
From NL to FR

  1. English to French
  2. Dutch to French
  3. German to French
  4. French proofreading


Martine Etienne


Belgian translator with French as mother language

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  2. Dutch proofreading
  3. English to French
  4. English to Dutch