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South Africa

I am a Translator/editor/reviewer/terminologist with 45 years' experience in a large variety of subject fields. Everything in connection with language. I work mainly in English and Afrikaans, and often translate from Dutch, Flemish, German, Swiss German and (European/Mozambican) Portuguese.


Henry H. Pinkham

  1. English proofreading
  2. English to Afrikaans
  3. German to English
  4. German to Afrikaans
  5. Afrikaans to English
  6. Afrikaans proofreading
  7. Dutch to English
  8. Dutch to Afrikaans
  9. Portuguese to English
  10. Portuguese to Afrikaans




Dutch - Flemish and Afrikaans to English translation work.

  1. Dutch to English



United Kingdom

B.Sc. Joint Honours - Biophysics & Physics - University of London
Ph. D. Biophysics - University of London/Medical Research Council of Great Britain
Associate of Kings' College, University of London - Diploma in Ethics and Theology
Former Features Writer and Book Reviewer for 'Punch', Practical Wireless' and 'Shortwave' magazines.
Published author.
Endorser of Scientific Pre-Prints for Cornell University's 'Arxiv.org' database.

  1. Italian to English
  2. French to English
  3. Dutch to English
  4. Latvian to English