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I am a Swedish native freelance translator. I mainly work with translations from English/Danish/Norwegian to Swedish.

Below follows a short introduction of me and my work
I am:

I offer:
*Translations of high quality
*Localization so the text is suitable for Swedish people
*Good communication

I am very proud of:
*My work ethic
*My loyalty

  1. Danish to Swedish
  2. English to Swedish


My name is Erik Gärdekrans and I work as a freelance translator and qualified teacher. Here at iCanLocalize, I translate into Swedish from English, German and Danish. In my role as a teacher, I teach Swedish and English for adults. I enjoy my two professions very much and believe the one helps the other.

As a translator, I aspire to work meticulously and be 100% client-oriented.

  1. English to Swedish
  2. German to Swedish
  3. Danish to Swedish