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Sri Lanka

I am a very qualified and competent translator who can translate to and for from English to French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Slovenian & Hebrew. I am affordable and very much value for money. I can translate your work efficiently and accurately.

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  3. English to Zulu
  4. English to Tigrinya
  5. English to Uzbek
  6. English proofreading
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United Kingdom

I'm willing to work on any Arabic - English projects and vice-versa, I will only do quality translations regardless of the time. I am also available for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation work and have experience in both. I am a native English speaker but fluent in Arabic and lived in the Middle East for eight years studying and teaching in Arabic and graduating from prestigious learning institutes. I currently teach Arabic privately and translate texts from Arabic to English.

  1. Arabic to English


I provide:
- Translation (Arabic to English)
- Editing / Proofreading (English)
- Teaching (Arabic)
- Consulting in Arabic language & literature
I specialize in literary and academic translation, and I also provide general translation services, including transcription, transliteration, and subtitles.

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