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Alexander Halser (EC Software) invites you to join ICanLocalize

About ICanLocalize

ICanLocalize offers fast, professional and affordable translations for businesses of all sizes. We have more than 2,000 professional translators working between 45 languages.

Our pioneering website translation and app localization technology let you save time and money.

According to the last Help & Manual user survey, almost half of our users already translate their documentation or plan to do so in the near future. This was a stunning result - we expected a much lower percentage - and is certainly reason enough for us to push this topic further.

So, everybody wants localized software and documentation. There are, however, some obstacles in practise, technical and personal ones. Just to name a few: how do you find a professional translator? Are they using the right software to translate Help & Manual projects? Do you need to invest in additional tools and will it mess up the XML code or not? Does a translation agency cost you an arm and a leg? What if you have a translator but this person is not familiar with H&M?

That's plenty of questions that often lead to the conclusion, that localization is simply not worth the effort. And we haven't even talked about the costs yet. What we can do in this situation, is to help you with the technical obstacles.

Here you go! We have teamed up with ICanLocalize, a web-based translation service to translate any text, websites and, most importantly, Help & Manual projects directly. It combines the advantages of top-end translation agencies with those of freelance translators. You'll get outstanding service, tailored exactly for the needs of your business, at a lower cost than you can negotiate with freelancers.

Alexander Halser (EC Software)

Do you need translation work?

ICanLocalize can help with website translation, software localization, general texts and office documents.

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