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Pham Thi Mai

Viet Nam

* 3 years of translating/editing (as an in-house linguist) marketing content for various magazines like the Autocar magazine, the OK magazine, the Vietnam Audio&vision Magazine
* 3 years of translating/editing (as an in-house linguist) help, UI, marketing, legal content for Facebook
* 5 years of translating/editing (as an in-house linguist) various content in many fiels
* 4 years of freelance translating/editing for a wide range of localization companies around the world

  1. English to Vietnamese



Viet Nam

Working in a team of freelancers (full-time)
Translating a wide range of projects in many translation specializations.
Expanding my work and coordinating with many agencies and freelancers all over the world.
Conducting revisions, editing, and proofreading.

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  2. English to Vietnamese