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Updating the translation when the help project updates

Translation Assistant makes it easy to keep documentation up-do-date in all languages.

When the help project updates, Translation Assistant will find exactly what’s changed and have it translated.  This includes changes to existing help topics and new help topic.

In both cases, Translation Assistant finds the sentences that need update and send them to your translator. When translation is complete, it will rebuild the translated Help and Manual project in all languages, ready to be published.

Steps to follow

  1. Open Translation Assistant and select the help project.
  2. Click on the New revision button.
  3. Select the Help and Manual project (can be the original, edited, Help and Manual project).
  4. Translation Assistant scans it and looks for changes. Complete the project and upload.

You should see that the word count for translation reflects the new and modified texts. The translator will only need to edit those texts and you only pay for the update work.

This clip shows it all in action:

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