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High quality,
affordable translation
for your WordPress sites

ICanLocalize offers the ideal combination of accuracy and cost for WordPress translation.
We help people with both huge and tiny sites get quality translation at the lowest possible cost.

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Already have WPML? Follow our setup
or the one on WPML.org to connect your WordPress site with

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If you need any help setting up your website translation project, you are welcome to sign up and contact us.

Better quality and lower cost through direct communication

To translate your website in the best way, we put you in direct contact with our translators. You will pick
translators from our pool of certified experts. The translators will know your business before starting to work on
your site.

Hassle-free translation workflow

Translating a website can quickly turn into a logistics challenge, but not when you’re using ICanLocalize and WPML.
Easily send content to translation and forget all worries about HTML formatting and links. Our system handles this
for you.

Great service for sites
of any size

Since we keep our overhead low, we are happy to take projects of any size. No matter if you only need to translate
one page. We’ll take it and we’ll give you the best translation possible. If you have a huge site with complex
texts, we have you covered. You can assign a team of translators to work in parallel on your site, producing
accurate translation using a shared glossary.

Need a quote? Contact sales.

Businesses that rely on ICanLocalize


It was the first time we used ICanLocalize but the whole translation process was easy, professional and fast. In
just one week we had all the contents translated into Japanese, and thanks to the WPML plugin integration in
Wordpress the work on our side was reduced to a minimum. We will use it again for sure.



Working with ‪‎ICanLocalize‬ was super easy. We were able to easily find a translator that was a good match for our
needs, and the integration with‪ ‎Wordpress‬ is seamless. Great value!



Translations with WPML were fast, well-made and professional. We translated our website from English into Spanish
and Russian, and we will do it soon in other languages!
A great experience, recommended!



Translating my Freeletics info website with ICanLocalize has been totally worth the investment. The process is
rather smooth, the translators seem qualified and the whole setup is quite inviting to do further business
with/through ICanLocalize.



After making translations it took only couple of weeks and we started to get international customers and real cash
flow from english speaking world (READ: world outside Finland). I can already say that your translation services
have already paid themselves.



I love working with ICanLocalize.com. I find it very easy to send in a translation request. I have found the perfect
translator through this site. My translator is quick to respond and the translations are spot on.



We found ICanLocalize really comfortable to use through its WordPress integration. It’s like magic. You choose a
translator based on his/her abilities and in a few days you get your completed translations. We would use
ICanLocalize again.


WordPress sites we translated recently

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