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Windows Help-File Translation

helpTranslate Help & Manual projects without wasting time or money.

Our system allows translating Help & Manual projects without investing in any additional tools. We’ll process your help project, translate it and build back, ready for Help & Manual.

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Cost: 0.09-0.14 USD / word

Translation Assistant handles Help & Manual projects. It will read your help project, provide professional (human) translation and rebuild the translated help project, ready to be included in your application.

Help & Manual in – Help & Manual out
The translated help projects are built with the exact same structure and formatting as your original project – just with translated contents.
No tools to purchase
Your standard Help & Manual version is all you need. Our system handles everything.
Incremental translation
When your help project updates, we’ll detect the changes and just update the translations.
Professional translation to over 30 languages
You’ll get professional translators writing in their native languages to translate your help file.

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How it works

  1. You will need to create an account in our system (free).
  2. Use our translation software to scan your Help & Manual project and create a translation project from it (free).
  3. Get bids from qualified professional translators for translating your project (still free).
  4. Select your translator(s) and deposit the payment for the work.
  5. Your translated Help & Manual project is built. Go back to Help & Manual and generate the final Windows Help files.

View the complete Help & Manual translation tutorial for step by step instructions.